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The patented CROSSHAIRS Classic 5 IN 1 golf divot repair tool is ergonomically designed and features a custom logo magnetic ball marker. It is the perfect gift for your upcoming golf event or corporate golf outing. CROSSHAIRS Classic divot tools are available in metal with antique bronze or black nickel plating finish. Minimum order is 50 for divot tools with custom logo.

We offer custom Corporate Logos on the Crosshairs Divot Tool. If you are interested in getting a quote for your logo please complete our form here. For the Crosshairs Classic tool, the minimum quantity is 50 for custom logo tools.

WHOLESALERS AND DISTRIBUTORS: If interested in pricing please contact us and we will provide you pricing.

5 in 1 Divot Tool

''This is not your normal divot tool that you're finding in local golf shops. It has multiple uses and probably most importantly, you can customize the divot tool with your logo or company name!'' -Todd Kolb, PGA Professional
Ergonomic Design The Crosshairs Divot Tool has been created for both comfort and secure finger and thumb placement. The thumb fits comfortably on the handle at a perfect pivot angle to promote the correct forward 'pushing' motion. This creates optimal leverage to repair ball marks properly without damaging the green. Ergonomic Design - Divot Tool
Line Stencil The middle section is the same diameter as a golf ball. By placing the spherical portion of the Divot Tool on top of a golf ball, it can be utilized to draw lines on the golf ball. This helps with both putting and driving alignment
Ball Marker Line Stencil
Souvenir or Memento The Ball Marker may be custom designed to create a very handsome Souvenir or Memento. Custom Ball Marker Logo
Removeable Ball Marker The top handle portion has a magnetic front that securely holds a removable Ball Marker. The magnetic Ball Marker can be easily removed with one hand by using the thumb and forefinger and placing pressure on the top part of the Ball Marker. Magentic Ball Marker
Grip Prop The top part can be utilized as a Club Grip Prop to keep club grips from getting wet. Push the prongs of the Divot Tool in the ground and prop the golf club grip on the top of the recessed portion of the divot tool. Golf Club Prop
Groove Cleaner The Crosshairs Divot tool can also be utilized as a Club Groove Cleaner by placing the prongs of the divot tool inside the grooves of a golf club iron. Groove Cleaner Tool

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