On the cutting edge of tools to maintain golf course greens, the patent pending GreenStik is a professional repair tool that really works. Fix golf ball pitchmarks, as well as aerate and top dress the green, in one simple motion with this one very clever tool.

*NEW* GreenStik Bucket now available!

Demonstration Video

''As you can see, it's just as easy as that - it just takes a couple seconds to fix each pitchmark. This product is a revolutionary product that is going to make that pitchmark repair so much easier and quicker than it's been done in the past.'' -Tom Perry, GreenStik Inventor

Testimonial Videos
''It provides a correct way to repair the ball marks and a smoother putting surface, which is very desirable for every golfer.'' - Jason Stewart, Assistant Superintendent at Brickyard Crossing Golf Course

''There's no more bending over, you don't have to hurt your back anymore. I would recommend this for any golf course in the United States - it is amazing! '' - Sam Carmichael, Martinsville Golf Club

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