The new GreenStik pitchmark repair tool is an amazing labor saving device

I have talked with a lot of greens superintendents and they all tell me the job they hate the most is fixing pitchmarks left unrepaired by golfers.  It is a time consuming and back breaking job.

The new GreenStik is a revolutionary new pitchmark repair tool designed for Greenskeepers, Rangers and Maintenance Personnel.  The GreenStik is 48" long so there is no more bending over!  The GreenStik is a game changer as it not only repairs pitchmarks, but it top dresses and aerates the turf as well.  The GreenStik retails for $219 and may be purchased online. 

Click here to download GreenStik brochure.

Listen to top professionals that swear by this product:

Sam Carmichael, owner of Martinsville Golf Club, thinks that the GreenStik is an amazing labor-saving tool.

Hear what Jason Stewart, assistant superintendent at Brickyard Crossing Golf Course, thinks about the GreenStik.

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