On the cutting edge of golf accessories, CROSSHAIRS® offers unique and cleverly designed products that really work…for both golfers and greens maintenance staff.

Always keeping the care of golf greens as our top priority, we offer the patented Crosshairs Classic and the Ergo-Green divot tools for Golfers. And, we offer the GreenStik (patent pending) for use by greenskeepers and maintenance staff. With our Crosshairs Classic and Ergo-Green tool, we offer customization that will push your brand to the forefront of any golf event or corporate golf outing. With our ergonomically designed products, we bring top quality and functionality in the technology that we use, firmly believing that our divot tools will work the best in repairing pitchmarks.

Introducing our newest product - the GreenStik!

Hot on the market, the patent pending GreenStik was designed for professional use by greenskeepers, maintenance personnel, and course rangers.

Fix golf ball pitchmarks, as well as aerate and top dress the green in one simple motion.  GreenStik is a 48” so there is no bending down to repair damage on the green.

Check the video to see how GreenStik works!

This is the new GreenStik pitchmark repair tool. It’s a professional tool - designed to be used specifically by greenskeepers or rangers and maintenance personnel.

What it does is repair a pitchmark, top dresses, and aerates all at the same time. You remove the cap from the top of the tool, place top dressing sand into the tube - you can also mix seed in with the sand - and replace the cap. The way to operate it is: there is a flow side and a non-flow side. When you push down on the flow side, sand is released. On the non-flow side, there’s no sand that would come out, so you can use it either way.

How does GreenStik work? You come in at an angle using the bevelled edge on the bottom of the tool, then you tilt the tool to a vertical position and that pushes the pitchmark back in its original position. As you can see, it’s just as easy as that. It just takes a couple seconds to fix each pitchmark. This product is a revolutionary product that is going to make that pitchmark repair so much easier and quicker than it’s been done in the past.

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The Revolutionary Greenstik

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